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REDEAGLE - Armament Consulting Services

Welcome to REDEAGLE's Armament Consulting Services.

Are you an individual, group, or foreign power desperate to provide your personnel with effective armaments and/or training at a quality price? Then look no further - REDEAGLE's Armament Consulting Services is here to help. For the past several years, We have both been developing relationships with individuals prominent in the world military scene and providing confidential consulting services for a myriad of groups which we can of course not disclose - our most recent involvement however was in the Syrian-Iraqi Conflict, along with some minor work in Nigeria. We have close affiliations with skilled and legitimate individuals whom we have spent years building good relationships with, allowing us access to quality military equipment at an amazing price. This is what has allowed us to offer this service to you.

REDEAGLE's Armament Consulting Services will help you build the necessary infrastructure required to develop your organization or country's military into a capable fighting force. We can provide military equipment through our affiliate dealers, both firearms and non-firearms, as well as teach you how to develop infrastructure to allow for indigenous manufacture of firearms, explosives, body armor, military vehicles, and much more. It is important to note that we will merely be the guiding hand assisting you in making good decisions regarding developing your military capabilities - money will still be coming from your pockets, and results may vary depending on how much you intend to provide us to work with.

Contracting price is yearly - $100,000USD per month, with a minimum 1 year contract period for a total of $1.2 Million. You have an option to cancel the contract early any time after 3 months - cancellation prior to 3 months will require 3 months worth of contract payment to be made.

If you are interested in partaking in our service, please contact and provide more information about your organization, the situation you are in, and the money you are willing to allow us to utilize. You will receive an email response within 72 hours detailing how we can best assist you, and negotiations can continue from there.

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