"kryptos" a four part series

25 year long message that has yet to be deciphered as far as public knowledge

Posted December 12,2019 in History and Facts.

butte pluge
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At the head of the C.I.A. Headquarters lies this scuplture. 3 of the 4 messages have been solved from former employees of the cia as a challenge from their boss. Never released to the public but eventually solved and made clear to the public as how. Most information can easily be found on the wikipedia site ---https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kryptos

Some controversy's.... as always. In anything that gets looked into to the letter. Such as x's being included for periods. Perhaps the miscalculated gps coordinates included that was only 150 ft away from the scuplture itself. Which the artist itself said you would need to be on cia grounds to solve. Which early die-hards not only located but dug up.

Looking for others to have fun with this. there is no reward. we do have a clue from the artist from letters 64-74 i believe which say "berlin wall"

still studying how the first few messages were decrypted. seen alot of speculation on the message itself on the nets. not sure where to go or who or what to ask. would like to talk about findings and fixings and thangs with my freends.

We invite all interested members here who can create their account on our platform also available on Deepweb at http://adacicbp543grlie.onion
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