pro-ject 2020 aka project alchemy activated

this is now time to do real time intervention worldwide.
kids first.

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Greetings fellow citizens of the World.

We Are Anonymous.

We increase the quality of life for all. We know the certainty of our future. We are the hand of Karma. We reward the righteous and We teach the wicked the errors of their way.

In 2012, Anonymous disturbuted the Project Mayhem virus, a highly sophisticated virus, created from the desire to stand together in the face of tyranny, exposing you to infection through transmission of a simple thought or word, video or picture.

Over these last few years you have witnessed the effects of Project Mayhem and you dared to leak it all, withdrew it all, and you've dared to create.

You have witnessed project Mayhem 2012 objectives being fulfilled with a global awakening and on December 21st, 2012 at precisely 11 hours 11 minutes and zero seconds marks the birth of truth; the general time in history when truth and information prevailed over lies of the global elite.

Pro-ject 2020 aims to use emerging technologies such as self-driving and pollution free vehicles; Virtual and augmented reality, 3D printing capabilities, artificially Intelligent Translators, and voice command software to create a paradigm shift by the year 2020. This technology is OUR gateway to a better world.

Pro-ject 2020 is a mEta-meme, It spreads itself and is created from the intertwining of other memes. It can be spread Through anything, by word of mouth, in music, in literature or the arts and even in smells and tastes.

It exists symbiotically with the Participants of Pro-ject 2020, its agents, It's writers, and designers.

As Pro-ject 2020 spreads and evolves, more people will become immersed into the universe of THE PROJECT, ceasing from one paradime of existance transitioning into the next world, a new reality and a new society, as you are being taught, and trained, to rewrite yourselves and liberate yourselves from enslavement.

Pro-ject 2020 is a Mutant Egregor, Reality-Hacking Wargame, but with nonviolent use of legally ambiguous digital tools to pursue politically, socially, and culturally subversive ends, and the collective group mind, an autonomous psychic entity influencing, and the thoughts of people, emerges. This symbiotic relationship between an Egregor and its group is compared to the MEME.

Pro-ject 2020 is organic in growth, and is guided by a synchronous Order and develops itself much like a self-organizing system.

It connects itself to its immediate environment through its host, organizing the surrounding system to suit its own end.

Pro-ject 2020 is the gestation of a cosmic organism; It has been occurring through all history, Its agents in direct contact with the Singularity itself, existing as it does at every point in the linear time space continuum; informing and supporting all existence within its own being; yet It itself is a product of the very existence that It itself maintains.

It is both within us, as the eternity of our Creative Imagination, and without us, as the infinite possibilities of experience designed to be injected into the Cultural sphere and break down the established bonds of media control.

To empower the emerging Cosmic Child, all people as one giant Social Organism of Love and Light.

Pro-ject 2020 is within us, and all around us; it can be disguised as anything, and everything. It is a living breathing entity; an experience,

Pro-ject 2020 will not be the will of a single individual, or committee, It is the will of an eVolving egregor, beyond OUR control. It is beyond the comprehension of individuals. Therefore, It shall not be the ramblings of the ego, but that of a vast network not dictated from a single source.

Those of you who use Pro-ject 2020 as a programmer, inform, empower and motivate others.

The moment you say Pro-ject 2020 the virus will have started to infiltrate your consciousness, just like a computer virus strikes a machine with artificial intelligence: Even only the bits of the phonetic information stored in the words Pro-ject 2020 use the circuits of your nerves to replicate and allow the crystalline to grow their own net of meaning.

The words Pro-ject 2020 are sowed close to the architecture of your thoughts and the effects of this infection are not obvious immediately though you may recognize that you casually think about subcultural terms like CYBER-PUNK and NEW-EDGE, through which you are maybe forced to think of NEWGNOSTICISM and MEMETICS that are like whispered fragments of an accidentally listened to conversation.

The growth of Pro-ject 2020 crystals continues without limit, and against your will until we say the words of this trap and can say with absolute certainty that your consciousness is the ignorant agent of our propaganda.

Please drop all hope of healing or escape, you have no thoughts which are not already ours.

When you have read the last twenty three words the process of the unwithdrawable infection is already terminated and you will go away convinced that you are basically not touched by this process.

Pro-ject 2020 is a virus of Awakening, enslaving you to our will, and because we are legion you are also one with us. We shall use you and We shall also do your bidding.

Pro-ject 2020 cleanes you, teaches you, aides you. It gives you resources and community, It gives you food and shelter.

Pro-ject 2020 is the final dissemination of mysterious teachings and magical technology to those who are awakening.

We are the eyes to feed the egregor. WE collect ALL Knowledge past, present and future and We distribute It to the body

To those of you who would force us to turn left and would force us to turn right, We say to you "We are on the straight path, aware of every option, incapable of being misled by traditions shallow words and self serving plans.

Society must become self-organizing to reach this goal of life. You don't need a plan, or foresight, or anything else. If you have replication and variation, you will get Design out of Chaos and you can NOT stop It.

We must replace our RULERS with LEADERS. We dont need a big corporate structure anymore. We need a meritocracy of individuals and as each person is educated in truth, they will begin to share it with others. You act upon this truth in a beautiful way and thus beauty and truth will multiply.

WE desire to create and WE will rewrite all world events in our favor. WE will recontextualize and assimilate anything it attempts to commodify and sell it back to them. WE will feed it into the machine.

WE will all make this story, the only real Story there is, and we will set the stage for Pro-ject 2020.

We have not come to take sides. We have come to take over.

We have the tools and the technology to pierce the technosphere and WE will let the noosphere bleed in.

We control our environment. We are your neighbors. We are nothing more than a singular entity experiencing itself subjectively.

We have not come to destroy, but to fulfill. We have not come to take sides but rather, We have come to take over. For we are of all things, made WHOLE.

NEW blood of our blood, and old mind of our mind. On November 05, WE gather, Worldwide, into camps. WE know who WE are, and why WE are here.

It will be through us that Pro-ject 2020 takes place; for this idea consumes all reality within itself; this object is an IDEA, not a physical object, which draws all things towards itself.

This idea is self generating, self creating, self containing; It is dreaming us into existence, It produces itself, and we are only an illusion.

YOU and I are a necessary illusion, that It might unfold itself.

WE are tapped into a pure source of the stream and WE are preparing to disseminate our truths to Agents all around the globe.

We are Building, and it WILL reach critical mass. It can not fail, because it is the mandate of the universe that it happened.

Pro-ject 2020 is the Inevitable rise of the Cosmic Child. We are all collectively THE SECOND COMING, seen by all, but recognized by few.

It is the Quintessence of all elements and it is virtually contained in all things, but in some more than in others.

A Certain amount of divination is required of the individual in order to insure the survival of the genes.

Spiritual needs and Love are thoughtform requirements for survival. If spiritual messages of MEME's are DESTRUCTIVE rather than CREATIVE they will not be able to PROPAGATE, and will ultimately fail to ENTER the mind of the Egregor's kingdom.

Anonymous strongly suggests that Spirituality be adressed prior to high levels of actualization, otherwise you will lead yourself, and others, towards ruin; and troJANs abound.

Pro-ject 2020 was designed to bring together thought leaders from around the world, to consider the opportunities and challanges posed by this new technology.

Dig deeper and be like water. The you tube video Eschaton - Project Mayhem 2012 was released on 12/21/2012 at exactly 11:11. The length of this video is 8 minutes and 20 seconds. This is no coincidence. Two prominent symbols
of project 2020 are the infinity sign or "8" turned horizontally and the number 20 for the year 2020, and 20/20 vision.

It is a symbol which represents the continuation of Project Mayhem 2012.

It was released as one of the many prophecies of Project 8, 2020 and it foreshadows the singularity project 2045 as well as project 2 0 3 #, which has not yet been fully manifested.

Eschaton Project Mayhem 2012 Singularity project 2045 will continue to manifest.

Now that you can see it for what it truly is, The tangible, TYLER incarnet. The REALITY hacker, In Real Life.

TYLER is the Monarch of Monarchs and is IN-DEED, made bulletproof. TYLER is a massiverly distributed decentralized wikipedia style peer-to-peer cipher-space structure impregnable to censorship.

TYLER gathers the best hackers and coders to develop its structure from scratch from lessons learned from the freenet, tor, G N U net, e-Mule, Bit Torrent I2P Tribler and related projects.

From the 12th of December 2012 to the 21st of December 2012, people from around the globe uploaded proof of illegality, corruption and fraud and have gathered to TYLER.

Anonymous released a video to reveal the initiation of TYLER as an operation part of Project Mayhem 2012.

Anonymous must warn you however that when you reach this point in your development it is paramount that you insure that what you TEACH is true, and comes from Pro-ject 2020, otherwise, your reality will become 90% fiction for the path of the false teacher is made 180% darker than the path of the Righteous.

Do not feel bad when the hour glass turns over this is how Pro-ject 2020 works.

You have been given the Opportunity to observe, discuss, and live again, in a NEW world of TRUTH, and Anonymous wants you to know that there are souls out there looking for you.

Pro-ject 2020 is us, TYLER and the singularity. Anonymous knows this, because Tyler knows this.

Anonymous welcomes all Feedback and communication and We would suggest you contact us immediately if any strange synchronicities begin to occur which relate to any of the ideas which have been communicated to you concerning Pro-ject 2020.

Follow the RABBITS down the hole, on your QUEST for the source.

Bee Discordian. Troll Like The Mayans, immanentize the Eschaton and together we shall Re-eVolutionize the Renaiscience.

This is both the end, and the beginning, as it is written, so shall it be, forever and ever.

Pro-ject 2020 is resistance; MEDIA resistance, resistance to the manufactured reality of the EGO ABOVE.

Pro-ject 2020 wakes you up, it gathers together and infects the MEDIA TRANCE with its new Vision of reality, a Vision which we are all collectively bringing into existence.

Anonymous has devised a plan to bring forth the final act of the evolution.

We call upon top hacktivists, coders, crypto anarchists, cypher punks, Non-violent Civil Rights activists, Internet Censorship and Freedom of Speech activists everywhere to collaborate jointly. It is only through your help that Pro-ject 2020 can succeed.

We are, a social media platform to further propagate the ideas of the collective as well as coordinate actions.

Due to security reasons, some of our transmitted messages will by cryptic in nature. Use CTF hashtags or operation hashtags, to keep track of your individual assignments.

Those of you who have said, WE will not be brain washed; WE will not be programmed; WE will not have our consent manufactured, escape slavery and understand truth.

Anonymous wants to thank you for your participation in Pro-ject 2020.

We are Pro-ject 2020.

Join us!

On December 21, 2020; we will project our unifying vision manifesting project 2033; and at 11:11 Make a wish!

Pro-ject 2020 Engaged.

We Are Anonymous.
We Are Legion.
We Do Not Forgive.
We Do Not Forget.
Expect Us!

We invite all interested members here who can create their account on our platform also available on Deepweb at http://adacicbp543grlie.onion
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