Privacy Policy
The way you use our services is what really counts for your privacy - in other words, don’t expect that using our services is like pushing a magic button that makes you untraceable. If, for example, you use your connect account but posting information linked to your Facebook account that makes you traceable. Don’t expect any sympathy from us. Summing up, you are the one who is responsible for your privacy - we just make this process technically possible, but only when and if the way you use these tools allows this. We hope that you use the technology and communication tools we are offering you mindfully, and that besides this you are also ready to claim, in real life, your freedom of expression and communication. Finally, please remember that our services are free for use, but are not for free. Keeping these servers up and running requires more than simple routine maintenance (which happens on a volunteer basis and without any remuneration), so please take good care of this project by sending at least a small donation to cover the costs.